Milkshake Paper Straws

Durable Paper Straws


Paper Cups

Crafted from high-quality, biodegradable materials, these cups are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Container Sugarcane Hinged

One of their innovative products is the "Container Sugarcane Hinged," which is a hinged food container made from sugarcane fiber.



Paper Bags, Wooden Cutlery, Paper Cups, Paper Trays, Takeout Containers

Explore Our Brands

  • RiteSource

    RiteSource offers a diverse range of products, perfect for all sorts of projects, gifts, and treats!

  • RiteWare

    RiteWare Disposable Cutlery provides the ultimate solution for hassle-free take-out or grab-and-go meals.

  • RiteEarth

    RiteEarth Sugarcane Plates: durable, eco-friendly, BPI certified, grease-resistant, cut-resistant.

  • RiteTissue

    Introducing RiteTissue: Classic 2-Ply Toilet Paper in convenient poly packs. Perfect for home or business use.

  • RiteTouch

    RiteTouch offers top-quality Latex, Nitrile, Poly, and Vinyl gloves in North America.

  • RitePak

    RitePak: Leading North American manufacturer of Heavy Duty Deli Containers & Microwavable Products.

  • RiteFoil

    RiteFoil: North America's top supplier of Foodservice Foil products, standard and heavy-duty.

  • RiteBox

    RiteBox: Premier supplier of Heavy Duty Deli Containers & Microwavable Products.

  • RiteWrap

    RiteWrap: Professional foodservice film for containers, offering three size options.

Testimonials From Across Our Brands

  • William

    "We've sourced disposable packaging from Rite Brands for years. Their products are exceptional, durable, and eco-friendly. What sets them apart is outstanding customer service. Their team is prompt, knowledgeable, and always eager to help. Rite Brands is an invaluable partner; we trust no one else for packaging needs."

  • Olivia

    "Rite Brands transformed our bakery with top-quality biodegradable packaging that fits our eco-friendly values. Their sturdy cake boxes and compostable coffee cups have enhanced our customer experience. Their helpful and responsive service makes them an invaluable partner."

  • Lucas

    "As a sustainability-focused catering company, finding the right packaging supplier was crucial. Rite Brands delivers eco-friendly, reliable products: compostable containers, paper plates, and utensils. Efficient ordering and prompt delivery ensure we never run out. Rite Brands is our trusted go-to for sustainable packaging."

  • Jack

    "Throughout Canada, Rite Brands is our go-to for disposable packaging. Their range includes paper cups, napkins, takeout containers, and foil rolls. Competitive pricing and quality products set them apart. Rite Brands offers the best deals without compromising quality—ideal for our business and budget."

  • Benjamin

    "We switched to Rite Brands for restaurant packaging, and it's been a great decision. Their team is responsive and professional, guiding us through product selection. Seamless from quote to delivery, their packaging quality surpassed expectations. Rite Brands is now our trusted partner, integral to our business success."